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Ayesha Nur: Sufi and Candlemaker

Posted: March 4th, 2011 | Filed under: feature, great face, home, sufi | 4 Comments »

I met Ayesha Nur through my good friend Diana Stewart. Ayesha lives in Sterling Court. (Actually, let’s be honest — who in Nashville has not lived in Sterling Court at least once in their life? I lived in, I think, E-2, years ago. Before that, Beth Middleworth lived in my apartment, and also Virginia Team before Beth. Sterling Court is like some kind of rite of passage). Anyway, Ayesha ran a retail store above my friend Jenn Casale, over in East Nashville for awhile, but now, she sells her candles out of her apartment. Her apartment is like a museum — a tribute to all her travels around the world.