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Teresa Mason and Mas Tacos

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Mas Tacos. See also the Imogene+Willie version.

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Liz Workman: Oasis Center, Nutrition, and Yoga

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Liz Workman is an Old Soul. She’s lived three lives already, and she’s only thirty-two years old. She grew up in Nashville, went to Hillsboro, headed to college at Columbia, then hit the road to live some valuable life lessons. She now is the Education Director at Oasis Center, over on Charlotte, in that old Duckhead Jeans building. David Mead is her soon-to-be-husband, in May of this year. (That’s David and Stan The Dog, in the image below. Also don’t miss Stan in the video at the bottom of the page). Liz explained a great deal about food to me, in our time together. She knows the nutrients; she knows what the good stuff is. She also explains nutrition and healthy eating to her teenagers at Oasis, and how it affects their energy and mood.

She and David converted a detached garage to a yoga studio, behind their home on Belmont Blvd, and she teaches there also. She’s full of zest for life when you’re with her — you get it immediately. She’s loud, she’s funny, and she knows her life purpose. Check above for her ingredients for what she calls her “Life Force Salad”. When you see her around town, ask her to tell you the story about her trademark “red yoga boots”; you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s her submitted Timeline, (and she’s only getting started):

1996: Graduated Hillsboro High School
1996: Went to Israel and lived on a kibbutz
1997: Went to Wheaton College (Not the religious one but the one for nice Jewish Girls)
1999: Lived in London for a year started doing Capoeira a Brazilian Martial Arts
2001: Lived in Brazil, and the moved to NYC two weeks before September 11th
2001: Attended Columbia graduate with two Masters in human rights education and history and teaching
2003: Started teaching in the inner city schools in NYC
2005: Certified in Yoga at Laughing Lotus
2006: Moved back to Nashville to work at Ensworth
2007: Fell in Love with David Mead for the second time
2008: “Resigned” Ensworth
2009: Went to Integrative Institute for Heath to become a health Counselor
2009: Started as the Educational Coordinator at Oasis Center
2010: Yoga Studio in the Back of my house finished by my father Building Bob and Sexy David Mead
2011: Got Engaged to David Mead married May 14th 2011

Sarah Souther: The Girl with the Infectious Laugh

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I kept hearing about this Sarah Souther girl. Everyone saying, “You’ve got to include her in your project!”. But I didn’t get it about the marshmallow thing; what’s so interesting about that? But then I got to know her, and she’s just a joy to be with. She spent her first 24 years in Ireland, then followed a man here to Nashville. Now she’s here, teaching yoga, and running a designer marshmallow company in East Nashville. She’s also an artist that works with silk. I think the plan is for her to soon move to the Marathon Building, and expand her business. Watch the video, below, and tell me you can’t be with her without smiling.

(Added later: Sarah's sweet daughter, Anja).