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Gillian St. Clair: Yoga Teacher and Mom

Posted: March 4th, 2011 | Filed under: feature, great face, yoga | 9 Comments »

My old friend Steve Waterman introduced me to Gillian St. Clair. I had been taking at 12South, but Steve wanted me to meet Gillian and see her studio, in the old Whiteway Cleaners complex on Villa Place. We sat in on a class one day, (and I determined I was nowhere ready for their level). Then I went out to their home, and met Jason her husband, and her daughter Sydelle. I’d also attended Gillian’s Yoga Carnival a few weeks ago.

Dave Cloud: Lounge Singer, Performance Artist

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The first words I heard about Dave Cloud were “Budweiser” and “Springwater”. So that’s got to add up to trouble. Angela Messina had worked with him, with Harmony Korine, on a Bud commercial in Angela’s basement. Then I heard that he’d done over 300 performances at The Springwater, which must count for something. Just to survive that. So I meet Dave over there one afternoon about 3 o’clock, and we get to know each other, shoot some portraits, and hear his story. Fascinating character. Sitting in the background, in the video, is Gary Gray.

Lain York: Artist & Zeitgeist Gallery

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It seems to me that, most everything in the arts world in Nashville sooner or later goes through Lain York. He’s the center of the cog. All roads lead to Lain. He and Janice Zeitlin manage Zeitgeist Art, in Hillsboro Village.

I first came across Lain, years ago, when I began to participate in the Untitled Group. Untitled is a group of artists that come together to host one-night art shows in various venues around town. We’d generally meet around 3pm, begin to empty out a restaurant or an empty space, begin to assemble wall units, and then rig up some temporary lighting, hang a complete show, and then people would begin to flow into the space around 6pm. By 10pm, the show would close, and we’d completely tear down the space, and return it to its previous condition by about midnight.

Lain simply cares about the arts scene, and he cares about people. Pure and simple. Great guy. He wants the best for Nashville, and does the hard work to make it happen. Selfishly, I also always thought he had a great face, and I always was looking for an excuse to photograph him. He reminds me of some football player, or rugby player, from the 1930′s, back when football helmets didn’t have face guards.

Ayesha Nur: Sufi and Candlemaker

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I met Ayesha Nur through my good friend Diana Stewart. Ayesha lives in Sterling Court. (Actually, let’s be honest — who in Nashville has not lived in Sterling Court at least once in their life? I lived in, I think, E-2, years ago. Before that, Beth Middleworth lived in my apartment, and also Virginia Team before Beth. Sterling Court is like some kind of rite of passage). Anyway, Ayesha ran a retail store above my friend Jenn Casale, over in East Nashville for awhile, but now, she sells her candles out of her apartment. Her apartment is like a museum — a tribute to all her travels around the world.

Tom Mason: Performance Artist

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I met Tom Mason many years ago. We chose him as talent for a PacifiCare campaign. Not sure what we cast him as, but all I remember was that he had a nice spirit, and a great face.

When we photographed him last week, we met near his home, in Shelby Park. It was pouring rain, and we hid out in a picnic area in the park. He brought his Shakespearean books, his trumpet, his mandolin, his scarves, and his monologue! The rainy weather was just perfect for his Irish brogue and his speech. We’d wait for a break in the rain, and make a run for it, out to the riverfront, shoot our take, and then make a run for it, back to the picnic cover.

Tom Mason is part magician; part pirate; part Irish; but 100% imagination and spirit. (Watch the video below).

Sarah Souther: The Girl with the Infectious Laugh

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I kept hearing about this Sarah Souther girl. Everyone saying, “You’ve got to include her in your project!”. But I didn’t get it about the marshmallow thing; what’s so interesting about that? But then I got to know her, and she’s just a joy to be with. She spent her first 24 years in Ireland, then followed a man here to Nashville. Now she’s here, teaching yoga, and running a designer marshmallow company in East Nashville. She’s also an artist that works with silk. I think the plan is for her to soon move to the Marathon Building, and expand her business. Watch the video, below, and tell me you can’t be with her without smiling.

(Added later: Sarah's sweet daughter, Anja).