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Teresa Mason and Mas Tacos

Posted: April 19th, 2011 | Filed under: chef, feature, food, restaurant | 5 Comments »

Mas Tacos. See also the Imogene+Willie version.

Photographs and content © 2011 Mark Tucker. All Rights Reserved.

Lisa Donovan: Pastry Chef, Artist, Mom

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I think I first met Lisa Donovan and Maggie over at Allison Murasic’s house, last year, during one of Allison’s Red Barn Roundups. Maggie was playing with Jill Earl’s son, Ollie, and they made a striking young couple. Maybe it was combination of Ollie’s crazy-wild hair, and Maggie’s vivid blue eyes, but I had to stop to photograph them.

Lisa is married to John Donovan, who has a show up at Zeitgeist right now. They also have a son, Joseph, who attends the Waldorf School, on Hillsboro Road. Lisa went to art school, but soon followed another one of her passions, into food. She worked at City House, before coming over to Margot Cafe in East Nashville, to be Pastry Chef. See the photos below, for some of her creations.

Some people just have a radiance about them. Lisa just glows. Plus that trademark laugh. Stop in to Margot Cafe one night — have a light entree, and head right for the desserts and that famous french-press coffee.

(Above image): Lisa, with her daughter Maggie, at their school in East Nashville.

(Above image): Focaccia bread, at Margot’s.

(Above image): Lisa’s rhubarb pie.

(Above image): Chocolate praline pie, in the window, at Margot’s.

(Above image): From Margot Cafe, Lisa’s lemon cornmeal cake with strawberries and cream.

(Above image): Pralines, right out of the oven.

(Video): Lisa, in the kitchen at Margot Cafe, and with her daughter at school.

All photographs and content © 2011 Mark Tucker. All rights reserved.

Zack Maddox and Booger: Skateboarding fun

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This is a crazy story — so last summer, I’m on my road bike, on Russell Street in East Nashville, and out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy on a skateboard round a corner, being pulled by a dog on a rope. I did a double-take, turned around, and tried to catch them. They were gone. Poof. Thin air. Like an apparition. For days after that, I went to every bike shop and skate shop in East Nashville inquiring about this mystery couple. No one knew a thing.

Fast forward to a week ago — I’m in Antioch, photographing Gillian St. Clair and her husband. As I’m packing the car to leave, she casually says, “Oh, you ought to photograph my brother; he has a dog that pulls him on a skateboard”. My jaw dropped. I’d finally found him.

So today, we knocked on the door of Zack Maddox, a chef at The Boundry, and we met his wife Lindsey, and his dog Booger. Booger is a boxer, age ten. Watch the video below, and let Zack tell you how Booger got started in the business. He sees a skateboard, and he goes nuts — grabs the rope in his jaws, and takes off, pulling Zack down the street. Happy as a clam.

Zack also told me about his buddy, who has a Blue Heeler that climbs trees to chase down frisbees. I can’t wait to photograph that.