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Nichole Hanna: Bellydancer, Mother

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I met Nichole Hanna very recently at a Yoga Carnival at Steadfast and True. She was set up in the corner, doing henna treatments on anyone in the crowd. She had on a beautiful metal headdress that night. So we called her about a week later, to see if we could shoot more images. She and her husband Brandon, (who runs Lone Wolf Tattoo), bought a foreclosure home in East Nashville and brought it back to life. They met on the Renaissance Festival tour. Now, with the addition of their son Aidan, they’ve settled into a nice family life.

Nichole in the dining room of her home; background image of detail from her costume.

Nichole in her back yard, in front of the bamboo wall.

Her son Aidan in the driveway, sneaking a kiss.

Details from her collection, from international travel.

Chastity Belt and other jewelry.

Henna treatment.

Her husband Brandon, with son Aidan, in their driveway.

Yoga Carnival: Steadfast

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