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Manny Cuevas: Wear It Out

Posted: March 10th, 2011 | Filed under: clothing, designer, feature, great face | Comments Off

I had to double-check the address, when we were headed out to meet Manny, (the son), at his retail store, “Manuel: Wear It Out”. Dickerson Road, I wondered? For a retail music-biz storefront? Manny told me the story about how he acquired the building — he and his buddies used to work on their motorcycles in the back room, and time passed, and one day, the building became available. (I told him I thought he should still have motorcycles parked in the back room; he rolled his eyes). He’s now gutted the building, laid tile, and completely transformed it into a combination of workshop for sewing, and then a retail showroom in the back.

Of course, we all know Manuel, the father, and his shop on Broadway at 20th. But this is Manny’s project to create his own brand, and his own look and identity. He also told us the story about the guy on American Idol who’s now wearing one of his custom-made suits. The video link below shows how he constructs the suits by hand.

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