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Lain York: Artist & Zeitgeist Gallery

Posted: March 4th, 2011 | Filed under: artist, feature, great face, painter | 1 Comment »

It seems to me that, most everything in the arts world in Nashville sooner or later goes through Lain York. He’s the center of the cog. All roads lead to Lain. He and Janice Zeitlin manage Zeitgeist Art, in Hillsboro Village.

I first came across Lain, years ago, when I began to participate in the Untitled Group. Untitled is a group of artists that come together to host one-night art shows in various venues around town. We’d generally meet around 3pm, begin to empty out a restaurant or an empty space, begin to assemble wall units, and then rig up some temporary lighting, hang a complete show, and then people would begin to flow into the space around 6pm. By 10pm, the show would close, and we’d completely tear down the space, and return it to its previous condition by about midnight.

Lain simply cares about the arts scene, and he cares about people. Pure and simple. Great guy. He wants the best for Nashville, and does the hard work to make it happen. Selfishly, I also always thought he had a great face, and I always was looking for an excuse to photograph him. He reminds me of some football player, or rugby player, from the 1930′s, back when football helmets didn’t have face guards.

One Comment on “Lain York: Artist & Zeitgeist Gallery”

  1. 1 Martha York said at 8:36 am on March 7th, 2011:

    Oh, my! (as Dick Enberg is fond of saying) is this the little guy whose diapers I changed, who went down the drive on his bike (or was it a Big Wheel?) and knocked out his front teeth (we ended up in the oral surgeon’s office), who ran my car into a big ditch coming home from Franklin after school one afternoon (I got a call from a state trooper)?

    Makes a mother proud!!